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       For more than 40 years in the Thai glass business. PMK has observed ethics and has always treated both its customers and its counterparties with integrity through its creativity in the production of products that are safe to its customers and through its provision of completer and acccurate information of its products to its customers. in order to build good long-term relationship among PMK, its customers and also its counterparties. The business success in the past would never have been possible without the effort and commitment of PMK's staff
      PMK is well aware of its reponsibility to the society and the environment. Therefore, In conductiong our bussiness, our orgaization does not only focus on the profit, but we put great emphasis on the working condition, safety and health of every employees and staff. We also support the hiring of local labors and encourage all our staff to participate in social, religious, cultural, traditional and envirounmental activities in order to build strong local communities and ensure sustainable development in Thai society.

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